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For a range of teaching resources across all phases, useful during the pandemic and beyond click here:

Websites for free Virtual Manipulatives

DfE KS1-KS2 Guidance Document and NCETM PD Materials and Video Lessons


I am sure most teachers have accessed and used the DfE Guidance Document, NCETM PD Materials and the Primary video lessons | NCETM.

However, the document below maps all three together, linking the Ready-To-Progress criteria from the DfE Guidance, to the relevant segment in the PD materials, as well as linking in the video lessons.

Oak Teacher Hub

If you have yet to use the resources and videos from Oak Teacher Hub, please take a look at a selection of lessons from EY to UKS2 below to see examples:

NCETM guidance for shaping the year 7 curriculum, building on year 6


NCETM teaching resources to support Secondary Teachers

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