Meet Our Team


Jacquelyn Lomas

Maths Hub Council

Jacquelyn is an outstanding practitioner and leader passionate about Mathematics education, Jacquelyn still teaches regularly and is committed to the vision: we can deliver a world-class mathematics education to all through a collaborative approach. In 2009 she started our mathematics network of subject leaders, which is committed to supporting each academy to raise standards with no exceptions. In 2014 Jacquelyn led the successful bid to become the London Thames Maths Hub to further support this vision.

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Sharon Bolger

Senior Leadership Link

Sharon is one of the London Thames Maths Hub Lead and Deputy Lead Mathematics consultant for the Harris Federation which she joined in 2012. She has worked in education for more than 20 years and has enjoyed teaching maths, leading departments, coaching, mentoring and leading mathematics support across a London Local Authority. 

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Gill Leahy

Maths Hub Lead

Gill brings over 20 years’ experience of teaching mathematics in 11-18 schools in South England where she has held posts of Head of Maths, Advanced Skills Teacher, Leading Maths Teacher for East Sussex and, Leading Practitioner for Specialist Schools Trust. Gill’s been fortunate to have been inspired by amazing mathematics educators and to be part of great initiatives to improve mathematics education and feels so lucky that this inspiration to improve maths education continues through the work of the Maths Hubs.

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Dil Dias

Maths Hub Lead & Teaching for Mastery Lead

Dil is the Teaching for Mastery Lead for the London Thames Maths Hub and is an experienced primary practitioner and a qualified Mathematics Specialist Teacher (MaST). Previously a senior leader in an academy, he is currently a Maths Consultant for the Harris Federation and works with teachers from Early Years to KS3 demonstrating how carefully selected representations and the use of variation can have a positive impact in all phases.


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Matthew Bent 

Maths Hub Coordinator

Matthew is the London Thames Maths Hub Coordinator and first point of contact for all general enquiries. He is responsible for supporting the development and implementation of the Maths Hub through coordination and organisation of hub activities and events.

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Samantha McQueeney

Curriculum Project Administrator

Samantha is the Curriculum Project Administrator for the London Thames Maths Hub and is responsible for all general enquiries. Her responsibilities include supporting the coordinator with the development and implementation of the Maths Hub. Assisting with the coordination and organisation of all hub activities and events.

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Christopher Reilly

Secondary Mathematics Consultant

Christopher started his career teaching career in East Manchester, before moving to Canada for a year to teach in a children’s hospital and an adult learning centre. He then moved to South East London and progressed to Head of Department at an inner city school before moving up to Cambridgeshire to become an Assistant Headteacher with pastoral responsibilities.  Christopher has recently started working as a Mathematics Consultant and is thoroughly enjoying the experience of visiting schools, supporting teachers and students in their collaborative endeavours to explore the wonderful field of Mathematics.

Contact Christopher:

Maths Hub Coordinator

0208 253 7795