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Professional Development

Early Years





We offer a wide range of high quality, fully funded and sustainable professional development programmes for maths teachers and teaching assistants, in Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Post-16 and ITT providers.   

Schools and teachers within our hub area can choose from several programmes, each with a focus on collaborative, evidence-based professional development. Our programmes offer the chance to engage in CPD with colleagues from other schools, over an extended period, led by a local leader of maths education (LLME).

The Work Group is the model of professional development used in most Maths Hubs projects. Implicit in the Work Group’s timeline is the space and opportunity for participant teachers to influence and lead change in their own schools and departments.

Primary Flyer 2024/25

LO5 Primary Recruitment Flyer 2024-25.jpg

Secondary Flyer 2024/25

LO5 Secondary Recruitment Flyer 2024-25.jpg
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