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Effective use of Representations in

Primary Mathematics


Following the successful 2016/17 exchange between teachers from England and China, the London Thames Maths Hub put together a work group which highlighted the key representations and models that can best support your pupils.This was a huge success with 36 participants joining the work group. We will now be offering similar work groups through out the year and we hope you can join us. 

Who is this for?

What is involved?

Effective use of representations is key to exploring mathematical structure and enabling pupils to develop deep, conceptual understanding. This Work Group will also explore the 5 Big Ideas of Teaching for Mastery.

Expectations of participants and their schools

Participants in this Work Group will be expected to attend:

Three twilight sessions will be running on the below dates between

16:30 – 18:00 at: Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park


Over the course of these three-sessions we will look at


Day 1 - Bar Modelling - Thursday 19th April 2018

Introduction to the ‘5 big ideas’ and focusing in on Representations and Structures, as well as Mathematical Thinking.

Bar Modelling: Bar modelling is used to support pupils with visualising mathematical concepts when solving problems. Using bar models, children can access some highly complex problems with relative ease

Day 2 - Ten Frames - Thursday 10th May 2018

Ten Frames training: Using ten frames as key representation for the development and mastery of early number. One of the key tenets of mastery is the use of good quality mathematical representations – the ‘Ten Frame’ has been instrumental for EYFS and KS1 teachers to use as a model for teaching number sense: counting, cardinality, comparing and composition.

Day 3 - Fractions - Tuesday 5th June 2018

Fractions: Participants will have the opportunity to consider the use of high quality manipulatives, models and images to enhance the teaching and learning of fractions across Key Stage 1 and 2.

The likely cost is...

There is no fee or charge for participating in this work group.

Who is leading the Work Group?

If i'm interested what next?

Matt James, a year 5 teacher and Maths Leader at Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park.

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KS1 and KS2 Class Teachers