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Christopher Reilly


Christopher started his career teaching career in east Manchester, before moving to Canada for a year to teach in a children’s hospital and an adult learning centre.  He then moved to South East London and progressed to Head of Department at an inner city school before moving up to Cambridgeshire to become an Assistant Headteacher with pastoral responsibilities.  More recently Christopher has been working as a Mathematics Consultant overseeing KS4 mathematics for 28 secondary schools. 


Being involved with the wider mathematics community has always been important to Christopher who has led Maths Hub workgroups following PD accreditation with the NCETM and has worked within and outside the local area as a Specialist Leader in Education for mathematics.


As Maths Hub Lead Christopher is thoroughly enjoying the experience of visiting schools, supporting teachers and students by working with Local Leaders of Education in their collaborative endeavours to explore the wonderful field of Mathematics

Contact Christopher:

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