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Meet Our Team

Nicola - Meet our Team (1).jpg

Nicola Roberts

Assistant Maths Hub Lead Primary


Valbona Baci

Assistant Maths Hub Lead Secondary


Rim Saada

Assistant Maths Hub Lead Secondary


Keshana Waran

Assistant Maths Hub Lead Post-16

Chris - Meet Our Team (1).jfif

Chris Hollands

Primary Headteacher Advocate

Jane - Meet Our Team (1).JPG

Jane Scarsbrook

Primary Headteacher Advocate

Martina - Meet our Team.jpg

Martina Martin

Primary Headteacher Advocate 

Meet Our Team - Marie Nassor.png

Marie Nassor

Secondary Headteacher Advocate 

Dan .jpg

Dan Chandrakumar

Senior Leadership Link 


Christopher Reilly

Maths Hub Lead 

Avatar 101

Maths Hub Coordinator 

Maths Hub Coordinator coming soon

Thabothini - Meet our Team.jpeg

Thabothini Varathan

Maths Hub Adminstrator

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