If only this was an Erasmus+ project!

Updated: Jan 15

One positive experience to come from this difficult and unprecedented time is reconnecting with ex colleagues. Last week for me this was a former Erasmus + project team, 2014-2016 “21st Century Digital Classrooms” with partner schools from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria and the UK.

Once we confirmed we were all OK those of us just starting this strange and unknown journey were keen to hear from our colleagues about their initial experiences from their first 2 weeks of lock down. None of us could ever imagined we would find ourselves rapidly implementing the technologies and pedagogies we trialled in the project so rapidly and at such scale. My colleagues’ insights were fascinating and informative, particularly the advice they offered on how they would do things differently if they could go back two/ three weeks. Unlike our EU project we previously worked on we did not have 6 months to write a project plan and build a prototype followed by 6 months to trial with a few interested teachers with lots of reflection built in before moving to a few more classrooms. We were all suddenly in this project at scale at great speed without even signing up for it.

In true Erasmus + style time to think, discuss and reflect what are the big questions before starting would have been nice. However, that luxury is only possible on hindsight. Some of these questions may have steered our subsequent actions.

What do we want to replicate from the classroom? (REPLICATE)

E.g. pupils working together, teacher modelling, doing maths, correcting work.

What is the balance for our focus on covering new material or revising existing knowledge?