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Welcome to our Headteacher Advocate - Phil Jones

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Phil Jones

Phil is a senior leader working in a primary school in South London, where he also teaches and leads on maths. He is a maths SLE, NCETM professional development lead, and has been a teaching for mastery specialist since the programme began. Phil has a passion for school improvement, professional development, and lesson design, and works with schools in the surrounding boroughs to promote and develop excellent maths teaching.

The role of “Headteacher Advocate” is a new one for our Maths Hubs this year. One of the main aims of the role is to provide a senior-leadership perspective on Teaching for Mastery in schools. Other areas include:

  • Supporting school leaders to embed teaching for mastery approaches within their school.

  • Supporting Mastery Specialists & supporting school leaders on their teaching for mastery journey.

  • Leading on cluster meetings in our region.

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