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Thoughts for July

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

We start our final blog with a big “THANK YOU” to all our Local Leaders of Mathematics Education (LLMEs) and all our Work Group participants for their incredible response to continuing with, and, adapting to, our new online provision for Maths Hub programmes. Throughout the last 5 months we ensured our key messages of “if and only if you have capacity”, “flexible and adaptable” and “mindful of individual teacher and school context” underpinned all our communication and activities. However, we witnessed the most creative period of our Maths Hub to date. Work Groups moved online, with new tools being trialled and developed, including;

  • NCETM Basecamp communities for sharing, discussion and intersessional tasks

  • Interactivity through chat and feedback tools

  • Demonstrating and exploring the underlining structure of mathematics through online manipulatives, graphing programmes and statistics packages

  • Use of videos, pre-recorded and available in advance to flip the time online to focus on discussion and own practice development

We are excited to build on our shared experiences next term as we continue to blend our Maths Hub programmes for 2020/21. We will write again early in September to share our full offer of Work Groups for next year. For a sneak preview check out the flyers at the end of this blog. It goes without saying that all our work next year will adapt to the changing realities of the ongoing impact of COVID - 19 outbreak and the knock-on effects on school life. There will be more online live collaboration, and in addition to the Work Group central content we will include the focus on the curriculum recovery priorities.

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