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NCETM – Support for Parents and Carers during school closure

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

The NCETM have been busy making some great updates to their website to support parents and teachers during this period of school closure. As a Primary Teaching for Mastery Lead (and a parent) I’ve found the Lesson Videos particularly useful. I’ve used them at home to support my children with their learning but I’ve also found them useful from a PD perspective too as they’ve helped me to observe how the Primary Mastery PD Materials have been used by the Mastery Specialists when designing the lesson.(Top Tip: Have a copy of the PD Materials to hand as you watch the lessons and you’ll have the teachers notes to refer to.)

So, please do head over to these updated pages and take a look at the resources that are available to parents and teachers as well as PD opportunities.

If you haven’t accessed it yet, please take a look at our video summarising the additions the NCETM made to their website to support parents, carers and teachers during school closure.

These additions will still be incredibly useful as schools begin to reopen so do make sure to take a look at the NCETM website.

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